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Course: Avoiding Lifestyle Creep

Copy of Copy of Mockups & Photo Frames For Website .png

Project Description
This project highlights my Storyline skills by having learners first define Lifestyle Creep, reading tips for avoiding it, and applying the tips to their own lives. There is a short quiz at the end.

Tools UsedArticulate Storyline 360
RoleInstructional Designer and Developer

Course: Tech stack 101

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Project Description
This course was created for recruiters working in tech who need to understand the roles they are filling and learn essential and fundamental processes of the industry in order to conduct better candidate screenings. I was provided a 17-page script and created a course with 13 lessons, 7 instructional videos, 4 job aids, and custom graphics. 
Tools UsedArticulate Rise, Canva, Vyond
RoleInstructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Course: Empowering ourselves and our students


Project Description
I began this project by researching issues teachers are facing with their students who had been home during the pandemic and created a solution for them to restructure their classrooms. The content is divided into three parts with knowledge checks. I provided the
storyboard, slideshow, script, and voiceover.
Tools UsedGoogle Slides,, ClerisyPD LMS
RoleInstructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Course: Reimagining Virtual Discourse


Project Description
Many workplaces now have some or all employees working from home and for some, this was an abrupt switch. Research shows that communication can falter unless team leaders have a concrete plan on how to approach discourse with their workers. This
Rise course is divided into 3 sections, beginning with issues faced by WFH employees, how to use an asynchronous discussion app called Volley, and application activities for learners. I also created the storyboard and course outline for this project.

Tools UsedArticulate Rise, Google Slides, Powerpoint
RoleInstructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Instructional Design Document: Reimagining Virtual Discourse

Copy of Copy of Mockups & Photo Frames For Website  (4).png

Project Description
This document builds on the above Rise course, "Reimagining Virtual Discourse" for an imaginary company. It contains a
needs and learner analysis, learning objectives, and instructional and assessment strategies.  This course has two phases: the asynchronous learning and application phase, and then a suggested follow up training if the first portion was not satisfactory.

Tools UsedGoogle Docs
RoleInstructional Designer

eLearning Course: The Power of Memory in "The Giver"


Project Description
This project was developed for CanopyEd, an  EdTech startup, based on SEO results. The course was created with multiple ways to engage and demonstrate learning and discussion, following a strict set of guidelines to be "verified excellent."  

Tools UsedCanopyEd LMS, Google Slides, Google Docs
Role: Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Curriculum Writer

Infographics and Job Aids


Project Description
These informative job aids and infographics provide readers with short text and visuals that communicate the information quickly. The first one outlines a communication campaign for candidate nurturing. The second is for office workers using the Volley app and the third is for a non-profit that connects first-time renters to apartments.

Tools UsedCanva
Role: Instructional Designer, Graphic Designer

eLearning for k-12


Project Description
Both projects are meant to be asynchronous learning or blended learning for educators. For both, I worked backwards from the end building learning activities to meet the learning goal. 

Tools, Giphy, Google Slides, Google Docs, Screencastify
RoleeLearning Developer, Curriculum Writer

My Teaching Portfolio

Copy of Copy of Mockups & Photo Frames For Website  (5).png

Project Description
This portfolio highlights my experience teaching in public schools in North Carolina from 2007 to 2020. In it I show you how:

  • My teaching philosophy and pedagogy align with learning activities

  • I brought the world to my students through collaboration with local museums, National Geographic and citizen science programs

  • I believe that history education is the cornerstone of developing good citizens 

experience as a senior learning Experience designer at cloudinary
(Ask me about my experience)

experience as an instructional designer at the national geographic Society 
(Ask me about my experience)


Project Description

I collaborated with SMEs and psychometricians to define learning requirements and goals to develop a high-stakes, legally defensible learning and assessment experience for partners at a start-up SaaS company.  I recruited and project-managed teams of SMEs throughout the course lifecycle, coordinating exam development and collaborating with my team on course development. 

Tools Used: Articulate Rise, Caveon Scorpion,, Camtasia, Descript

My Roles: Learning Designer, Project Manager

Project Description

I contracted twice with NGS.

In the first contract, I aligned an inventory of instructional materials and backward designed instruction for teachers. I also served as a SME, contributing my expertise as an educator to others at NGS

In the second contract, I managed and improved existing Rise content for the onboarding of all NGS new staff, collaborating with SMEs, gathering content, and building relationships 

Tools Used: Articulate Rise, Google Slides, Canva

My Roles: Instructional Designer, Subject Matter Expert

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